What is CAT?

CAT is a Strong 2 Factor Authentication System that creates a random one-time-password (OTP) every 60 seconds. Once you login using the one-time-password the password expires and cannot be used again. CAT will generate a new password next time you need to logon again.

CAT Strong 2 Factor Authentication is based on:
  1. Something you know - your login account name and a pin number
  2. Something you have - your cellular phone running the CAT token which produces your one-time-password.
The CAT one-time-password is used to Authenticate a PC or Notebook computer for Internet Banking, Remote Network Access (VPN, Citrix, Email etc), Secure Documents, virtually any other Internet or network computer system requiring Authentication. CAT does NOT use SMS to deliver the one-time-password.

Cellular Token:
CAT is an Authentication Token that runs on your cellular phone. Most people carry their cellular devices with them, and can now also have their security authentication token on the cellular. Multiple tokens can be setup on the same cellular phone. CAT does NOT use SMS and the phone does not need cellular connectivity. The CAT token on the cellular phone produces the secure one-time-password.

Secure Pin Protection
The CAT token is protected by a PIN number, just like your bank PIN number. Users are generally aware of the location of their cellular phone most of the time, however, should one lose their cell phone, the CAT Token is securely protected by a pin. The CAT Administrator can at the click of a button issue a new authentication sequence and the user can be up and running on their new cell phone within secon.

Strong 2 Factor Authentication
An authentication factor is a piece of information and process used to authenticate or verify a person's identity for security purposes. Two-factor authentication is a system wherein two different methods are used to authenticate. Using two factors as opposed to one implies a higher level of security.