Case: Study 1:Large Visible Ecommerce Site

Problem being addressed

Dealing with secured information and transactions demanded a higher security then a fixed password. Being a visible web site to thousands of customers made it susceptible to hacker attacks of the distributors areas.

After checking the available solutions in the market, the CAT soft token was selected as the optimal performing option. The main reasons were:
  • Easy deployment. The CAT Tokens are downloaded and installed OTA (over the air). The distributors found it easy to use and they have been using it on Cellulars, Pocket PCs and the Windows version.
  • No major changes. The existing web site did not require any major changes in order to apply the CAT OTP TFA Strong Authentication. Using the CAT eAuthentication technique, the PHP was able to communicate easily (using an API) with the CAT Authentication Server.
  • Immediate response. The projected costs of the TFA project were minimal. No special investment and no delays in the activation of distributors. Once the pages were made available, all the distributors had access to the CAT Token, they could register and login. There were no delays due to deployment of hardware tokens.
  • Affordable. No Token costs and no hidden costs
  • Extended security. The CAT Token is PIN secured.
White Papers are available on the above case study on request.