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  • ISP's
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  • B2C

  • CAT provides cost effective options for enabling Strong 2 Factor Authentication for consumer Internet sites. 

    CAT enables you to identify users accessing a wide array of on-line data and sensitive information.

    CATs API interface provides functionality to program in functions that enable customers to self register and fully self administer, thereby cutting the administration overhead from 2 Factor Authentication. This functionality (if you chose) can be used to allow your customers to register under an alias and remain anonymous. This alias can be positively identified at each logon or transaction.

    CAT Offers the following benefits to this sector:

  • Cost effective monthly license plans
  • Simplicity of management & Rapid Deployment
  • Reduce your management costs of 2 Factor Authentication
  • 1 token can authenticate multiple services per user
  • No extra Token cost when a cellular is lost
  • Radius engine for simple integration
  • Functionality that can assist your customers to self manage

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